Founders John and Eileen with a glass of Beara Ocean Gin

Inspired by the beauty of their birthplace, the Beara peninsula, and passionate about all things gin, siblings, John and Eileen embarked on a voyage of discovery to create their own signature gin. Over the course of 18 months, they travelled around the globe meeting distillers and gin enthusiasts alike to learn as much as possible about this enigmatic spirit. They enrolled in “gin school” to learn the craft of distilling and blending.

They wanted to create a spirit that reflected the natural beauty of their homeplace and their love of the sea. And so, Beara Ocean Gin was born – a hand-crafted, small-batch gin, infused with wild Atlantic sea water and Ventry harbour sugar kelp. Hand-picked fuchsia – the iconic flower of West Cork – is combined with traditional gin botanicals to create a well-balanced easy-drinking gin.

Bottle of Beara Ocean Gin and bottle of Beara Pink Ocean Gin
Beara Distillery's stills and gin ingredients

The installation of the modern i-Still and traditonal Müller gin still was a landmark. Under the guidance of Frank Deiter, the team quickly got to experimenting with the new stills, testing gin recipes and tweaking processes to create a gin as impressive as the surrounding landscapes.

Row of tumbler gin glasses
Muller gin still
Bottles of Beara Ocean Gin
Bottle of Beara Ocean Gin & glass of gin and tonic

A final recipe was created and the team started to produce, bottle and package Beara Ocean Gin. The company joined the Super Valu Retail Academy programme and progressed through the stages to supply a number of stores in the Cork/Kerry region. Beara Distillery partnered with a number of key distributors to grow their reach and supply bars and restaurants. The distillery continues to grow and fulfil it’s mission to provide customers with a refreshing taste of West Cork, wherever they may be.