Sugar kelp and fuchsia gin ingredients
Beara gin ingredients: Atlantic salt water

Atlantic Salt Water

The Beara Peninsula has an extensive maritime history, with the port of Castletownbere being the largest white fish port in Ireland.  John’s connection with the sea and the fisheries is celebrated in our Ocean Gins with the addition of purified wild Atlantic salt water.

Beara gin ingredients: Fuchsia


First introduced by the British, the fuchsia plant has now become the floral emblem of West Cork. It’s brightly coloured flowers light up the hedgerows in spring, summer and autumn. We hand-forage fuchsia all over the Beara Peninsula and add it to our gins to give the floral aroma of our homeplace.

Beara gin ingredients: Sugar kelp

Sugar kelp

We source sugar kelp or saccharina latissima from close by Ventry Harbour in Kerry, where it is sustainably grown on lines in the harbour. This adds another element of the sea and complements  the scent and flavour of the wild Atlantic that we capture in our Ocean Gins.

Beara gin ingredients: Juniper


Juniper is the predominant flavour in gin. It’s a berry from the conifer family and responsible for the piny, bittersweet flavour found in gin.

Beara gin ingredients: Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits

We use only the fresh citrus peel of lemons, limes and grapefruit  to give our gin it’s refreshingly zesty character.