Atlantic Salt Water Infused Gin

Beara Ocean Gin with Sea Water, Sugar Kelp and Traditional Gin Flavours

The Beara Peninsula’s wild Atlantic shore is home to an abundance of unusual botanicals, which is how the idea of Beara Ocean Gin was born.
The Atlantic Ocean botanicals that we use in our gin include salt water and sugar kelp, which  balance nicely with the freshness of juniper and zesty citrus aromas, while cardamom, angelica and orris root add to the complexity.

The result is a unique blend of native sea flora with traditional gin botanicals for an altogether enjoyable and easy-drinking spirit.


Beara Pink Ocean Gin was originally launched in February 2018  for Valentine’s Day as a limited edition release. However, due to its popularity, we decided to include it as a permanent addition to our product range.

We use the same botanicals in our pink gin as we do in our flagship Beara Ocean Gin, but  with the addition of rosewater and cranberry to add floral undertones and a slight fruity tartness. For the perfect serve, add Fever tree Aromatic Tonic and serve in a Copa glass with ice and a segment of pink grapefruit

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